“Willow trees with fresh spring water…”

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM | LUNCH 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM | Closed on Weekends & Holidays

Our Story

The Mission of K’ai’Bii’To Chapter is to Inspire a Dynamic, Innovative and Prosperous Community through the Combined Talents of Our Citizens

The Vision of K’ai’Bii’To Chapter is to provide Sustainable Growth thru Self-Governance while preserving the Cultural Values of our Community

The K’ai’bii’to’ Chapter, is a local government established under the Navajo Nation in 1959 as the 56th Chapter within the 110 Navajo Nation Chapters.  As for the Navajo name K’ai’bii’to’, it is translated into “Willow Trees with Fresh Spring Water”. The K’ai’bii’to’ Chapter is located in the Northeast corner of Coconino County, Arizona and it is 36 miles East of Page, Arizona. The K’ai’bii’to Chapter consists of a local community with scenic walls of White Mesa into the East, Navajo Mountain to the North, Ts’egzzi’ to the Northwest and the chapter sits along the banks of the K’ai’bii’to’ Wash. In addition, K’ai’bii’to’ is bordered by the communities of Navajo Mountain, Inscription House, Shonto, Tonalea, Tuba City, Coppermine, Gap/Bodaway and LeChee Chapters. 


Chapter Officials

Franklin Fowler | President
Tom Franklin, Jr. | Vice President

Chapter Officials

Yolonda Ellis-Bileen | Secretary
Priscilla Mann | Grazing
Paul Begay Jr. | Council Delagate